About Altercare

Since 1973, the Schroer family has made long–term healthcare its passion. The family has always embraced communities where they can truly impact a population. And for more than four decades, Altercare has been fortunate to serve patients throughout Ohio and portions of Michigan.

The goal: to provide quality care and give back to the community through business chambers, non-profit organizations and educational institutions. "Pay-it-back!" is the Schroer family mantra.

For over 45 years, Altercare has specialized in providing quality short-term rehabilitation, long-term nursing care and residential services. As a family owned company, Altercare is dedicated to one simple principal – restoring the health and quality of life of our patients with care and compassion.

Family-owned, we take a more personal approach to care-giving.

Whether we are providing short-term rehabilitation therapies, longer term skilled nursing, Alzheimer’s or dementia care, or full-time assisted living, we put our patients’ needs and goals first.

We won’t sacrifice quality of care, duration of care, or patient comforts to meet short-term financial goals and quotas. Our patient-staff ratios allow us to go the extra mile. And our education focus ensures patients and families know how to continue their care after they leave our facilities.

We also pride ourselves on our innovative spirit. We believe we must be forward-looking and change adept to take full advantage of advancements in healthcare and technology. And we will not hesitate to make significant investments or take appropriate risks to improve patient experiences and outcomes.