Long-Term Care

For older adults who grow to need assistance with the activities of daily living, we offer a cozy home-like residence with abundant amenities. Our compassionate staff often become like an extended family as they offer caring assistance to ease our residents' daily lives. Individualized care planning is led by our interdisciplinary team, and clinical nursing care is directed by an attending physician.

Altercare centers support healthy eating with restaurant-style dining with menu choices, and foster friendships during social, spiritual and recreational activities. Residents benefit from special amenities such as a specially equipped therapeutic bathing facility and personal laundry services.

Inviting Accommodations

Our warm, inviting rooms are ready for your stay. We encourage residents to bring cherished family photos, a favorite chair, familiar quilt or blanket, and other precious belongings. You can count on our staff for a friendly smile or chat to help you feel right at home.

Social Activities

Because participating in social activities is shown to benefit well-being as much as physical exercise, we offer many opportunities for stimulating activity and interaction. Sit down to dinner with a group of friends, enjoy a game or performance, and explore your creative side. Our diverse social offerings lend a sense of purpose and source of joy.

On Premises Amenities

Services and amenities, which may vary across centers, offer important opportunities for social interaction and physical activity. In-house beauty salons and barber shops and restaurant-style dining services and daily recreational activities support interaction. Cable and phone services help residents stay connected with loved ones and friends, while private and semi-private rooms offer a sense of personal space.

Clinical Services

Nursing services with RN and LPN professionals are provided 24-hours a day, 365 days a year at all Altercare centers and are enhanced by programs to meet complex, specialized needs, such as diabetes, wound care, bariatric care, and hospice and palliative care.

Onsite specialty services are available for a range of needs, including IV therapy; tracheotomy care; pain management; registered dietician services; physical, occupational, and speech therapy. We also provide convenient onsite access to dental, podiatry, optometry, psychological and audiology care. From advanced diagnostics to fall prevention, Altercare offers full spectrum clinical care.